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El Salvador

"See a Need and Fill it."

Our MISSION has always been to "Help people live their best story".

TOGETHER we help individuals and families better their lives. From building homes, investing into small businesses, food/clothing distributions, and more.


We are excited to SHARE our BIGGEST outreach in El Salvador yet!

Reaching mothers, infants, and children through a supplemental nutrition program called PEN.


We will need to come TOGETHER more than ever!

"We can't do everything, but we can do something!"


We do whatever it takes to help people takes steps forward, transforming their lives and the future we share.

The Castro family along with Salvadoran nationals on the ground, and faithful supporters from around the world work together to meet the needs of the Salvadoran people. Helping people live their best stories, is a 24/7 job. Rather in the U.S advocating, spreading awareness, and/or raising support, or in El Salvador in person leaving fingerprints.


Born & raised in El Salvador. One of 7 brothers and sisters. Julio grew up in extreme poverty, without electricity and water until he was in his teen years, struggling alongside his family in day-to-day life. At a young age, he set himself apart, being the only high school graduate in his family, he desired a different life and went on to full-time ministry, and graduating from University in 2003.


TODAY Julio loves people and he is passionate about helping others dream and reach their dreams.

His passion continues for the people of his country El Salvador.


Raised in Pendleton, Oregon. She began her humanitarian work at the age of 15 traveling to El Salvador for 5 weeks. She fell in love with the country and returned to the US with the desire to again go to El Salvador. 

Upon returning to the US she started & finished high school via correspondence school, graduating at 15, and returned to El Salvador, 6 months at a time over the next couple of years. Meet her favorite and best souvenir (Julio) in El Salvador, in 2002, and soon after joined in marriage. 


TODAY Kristen is motivated by her privilege. She recognizes the differences between how she grew up and the opportunities we have in the U.S in comparison to so many who continue to struggle in El Salvador. 

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